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PSRx Advisors provides pharmacy benefits
management consulting & audit services to
drive solutions for unions, public employee
groups and state & federal programs.


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Data analysis for real-time pharmacy
risk management
A hands-on approach to strong pharmacy benefits management
PSRx Advisors is a next-generation health information company offering sophisticated techniques to provide our clients with market-leading pharmacy program solutions.
Capturing best-practice PBM pricing
PSRx Advisors offers numerous strategies and tools to accomplish a comprehensive review and assessment of PBM pricing.
Actuarial analysis and full savings validation
Our suite of software applications, comprehensive audit and consulting services can help control pharmacy benefit costs.
Unique pharmacy program monitoring and reporting
Pharmacy benefits and the drug industry are complex, moving targets. In order
to meet plan sponsors needs, PSRx Advisors provides:
  • Unique, data-driven solutions on a daily basis.
  • Comprehensive, actionable reports for forecasting & modeling.

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